Pacific Life Bible College shares the property with several ministries that have 7-day per week activities. Each ministry is assigned parking based on need and location. PLBC students, residents, faculty and staff are required to use only the parking areas designated for PLBC use. A violation occurs if you park in any area not assigned to you. Violators are subject to being fined, towed, or a loss of parking privileges.

All vehicles must be registered at the office before parking a vehicle on campus. You will receive a parking decal that must be properly displayed in the back window of your car to park legally on campus. Your decal will determine which parking lot you must use.

Parking is prohibited in grass areas, fire lanes and in areas blocking building entrances. The parking lot in front of PLBC offices is designated for staff, visitor and admissions parking only. Campus speed limit is 15 km/h. Watch for children. Obey all traffic signs.

Parking Designations:

  • Commuters: Commuter Lot (15030-66A Ave entrance) – new lot at the back corner of property (drive through the resident lot). When this lot is full, overflow parking is street parking on 66A Avenue.
  • Residents: Resident Parking Lot behind the AFrame and office (only in assigned spaces).
  • DPC Students: The 15100-66A Ave main parking lot (in front of church office).
  • Adjunct Faculty: The 15100-66A Ave main parking lot (in front of church office).
  • Staff and Guests: use the parking lot in front of the Aframe and offices.