DH-mwtpBefore the sun was up, President Hixson welcomed students in the Aframe for devos, prayer, and a power walk (photo on left).

By 9am this morning over 120 new students packed out LC3A (see above photo) to receive their registration packet, candy and their very own water bottle. $2 fraps kept the blenders busy. Sam Romijn and a couple returning students led us in worship and prayer.

Clint Nelson walked students through the registration process and then dismissed everyone to meet with their Program Advisors. After registration students enjoyed a stir-fry followed by payment process and a visit to the bookstore.

woodUnfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate with some outdoor activities, but students got cozy inside. The weather cleared up however allowing students to head down to Crescent Beach. Some other students found some free wood!? (see photo on right)

A HUGE thank you to all the students who served behind the scenes. Thank you to staff for working long hours!