Your experience and growth at PLBC will significantly improve when you get involved. Sure, you’ll be stretched and sometimes find yourself in an awkward situation, but it will be good!

  1. Start with a social connection. Read your emails and follow “PLBC Social Life” on Facebook to see opportunities to connect with others (fun events, prayer meetings, study groups, etc.). Force yourself to go to these events. Ex. Intramurals, sign-up for Talent Show, etc.
  2. Attend the Fall Retreat. By far the best way to start making new friends at PLBC.
  3. Hang out after class. The temptation for commuters is to race off campus to the next thing. Set a goal of hanging out one or two days a week after class. Don’t leave it to chance. During a break or the day before ask someone if they want to grab a coffee after class or spot you on the bench. 😉
  4. Meet up with faculty or staff. Chances are you can get a free meal or coffee out of the deal AND it could be the beginning of another supporter in your corner or a mentor.
  5. Serve. Nothing will make you feel like being part of the PLBC family more than serving. Volunteer to help out or just lend a hand in obvious situations. Talk to Clint Nelson or Joryli Romijn if you want to volunteer somewhere… we always need help with set-up, clean-up, photography, sound, video editing, podcast engineering/editing, lifting stuff, etc.
  • Jacob Gordon Brian Hogge

    Hey, I was actually wanting to get a few gym buddies–looking for heavy lifters since there’s no squat rack. Thinking 3 times a week in the early morning (perhaps an alternative to power-walking?) 😉 Give me a shout if you’d be interested in joining me, I’d rather not pay for a gym membership if there are other peeps out there committed to strength training too.