The word, “gratis”, is “used to indicate that no money is paid for something”.

Gratis at PLBC is the name give to our work program for residents (those that live on campus in dorms). Every resident is required to work three hours a week for free (it actually subsidizes the real costs of living in dorms). Instead of paying someone to do your dishes and other things on campus, we do them ourselves. Here are the three main reasons we run the gratis program:

  1. Builds character. Nothing like scrubbing a pot to bring us closer to Jesus.
  2. Builds community. Working and serving one another just does that.
  3. Saves students money. We want every student to graduate debt-free and this helps.

It would be easier to hire someone and pass the costs on to residents, but easier is rarely better. What are the common gratis positions?

  • Kitchen: 2 meal service clean-ups a week
  • Kitchen: meal prep and/or service
  • Kitchen: launder linens
  • Dorms: clean common areas in the dorms
  • Library: assist library staff
  • Office: assist office staff
  • Student Life: assist student life staff

Who gets what position? Obviously some postings are more comfortable than others. Some are based on specific skills.

  • Typically 1st-2nd year students serve in the kitchen.
  • Students that demonstrate a great work ethic, attitude, possess appropriate skills and maintain a consistency in time management are usually given more responsibility and move out of the kitchen.

How does gratis work with my schedule? Here is the priority of your life when you are a resident:

  1. Class schedule
  2. Gratis shift
  3. Work and ministry schedule
  4. Personal life

Residents are expected to treat their gratis responsibilities and shift as if they were an employee (i.e. show up on time, dress appropriately for the job, be a team player, work hard, go the extra mile, and serve others in a  Christ-like manner).

What if something comes up?

  • If you’re sick then find someone to switch shifts with you.
  • If you’re away on holidays then someone to switch shifts with you.

Failure to show-up on time and/or complete a shift will result in a fine. Failure to find an approved student to switch shifts with will result in a fine. Students that switch shifts more than three times in a semester will receive a fine and/0r further discipline.

Steve BelznerMeet your Gratis Leader
The Gratis Leader is responsible for organizing and implementing the gratis program. This year we are excited to welcome Steve Belzner as our Gratis Leader. He has a huge heart for God, ministry, and students. Steve is in his last year at PLBC. You can reach Steve at