There are a number of places on campus that are welcome to commuters, but might go unnoticed to some. Many of these places are locked at all times so you can either knock for someone to let you in or sign-out a “Common Access Key (CAK)” for the year (deposit of $25 required) from the Main Office.

  • Hang out in the AFrame Lounge (couches, games, and TV) – YOU ARE WELCOME!
  • Heat up some soup or make some tea in the Lower Rec Room kitchen (bring your own food and be respectful of others food; clean-up after yourself).
  • Do your laundry in the dorm laundromat (it’s cheaper than other laundromats; bring your own soap, etc.)
  • Sweat it up in the fitness room (treadmill, elliptical, stationery bike, etc.).

These common areas are open to student use at all times, but please leave all rooms locked behind you and turn lights off. Please respect the facilities. Please respect sound curfew (10pm-7am).

Questions? Talk to Sue Nussbaum (