Hi, I’m Nina Robinson from Pitt Meadows, BC and I’m pursuing a BA in Church Ministry with a major in Music. I’m in my fourth year.

As you learn about your class schedules, assignment dates, and term assignments in your first week, take a deep breath and remember that God is with you! He will be with you tomorrow, just as He is with you today. Day by day, assignment by assignment, He is the one who will sustain you in the semesters to come!

Write down the reasons why God has called you to PLBC. Whether it is to pursue a vocation in full-time ministry, grow in your gifts, or just to learn about Him. You can also write down instances in your life when God has proven His faithfulness to you. Then, when you are feeling doubtful or frustrated you can look back and be reminded of who He is and what He has called you to. Psalm 77.

God cares about you deeply. He is with you as you step out to follow Him.